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Milburn Legal provides technology and strategy consulting to litigating parties that have large amounts of electronic evidence.  We are experienced in managing the complex demands of large-scale electronic evidence collections required by the court-ordered discovery process.  We work with our clients and their legal teams to put the technological advantage on their side.

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Areas of Expertise

Discovery Technology Consultant Support for discovery motion practice

Every day, electronic information (and evidence) is being created and managed in new and more complex ways. Parties in litigation face increasingly complex discovery production requirements, and that creates challenges for litigants.  However, it also creates opportunities for creative advocacy through a technologically informed discovery motion practice. That’s where we come in.  Our discovery technology consultants help lawyers hold opposing parties accountable for discovery mis-handling.

Collection, Review and Production of Electronic Evidence

Clients have large volumes of electronic evidence to disclose. Now what? We assist lawyers and IT professionals understand their client's legal-technical environment. We then work with evidence custodians to efficiently respond to the demands of a request for eDiscovery. Analytics are used to cull through data sets and reduce attorney document review time and associated costs. We consistently increase the accuracy of relevance and privilege reviews while exponentially reducing the number of documents that must be reviewed to ensure reliable auto-coding.

Procuring and Implementing Legal Technology

We are fluent in the administration and use of eDiscovery and litigation database technologies in use today. We routinely use them with our clients in different contexts and see their respective benefits and weaknesses. Accordingly, we are uniquely suited to support your procurement process in assessing your needs.  We develop product "road maps", evaluate and procure specific technology, and most importantly - get your technology implemented successfully through training and thoughtful process buy in.

Information Management and DATA RETENTION Schedules and policies

Today's corporate systems are a complex web of technology layers that must be comprehended and managed. We get all the necessary parties (executive, business, IT, legal and information managers) to the table and facilitate a process that leads to consensus.  We develop information governance policies that protect parties from risks, such as large spikes in eDiscovery cost.  We also interpret opposing party information retention policies and compare them to actual conduct, and we hold opposing parties accountable for evidence mishandling.


Information and data is becoming a more important part of the litigation process. Accordingly, law organizations and legal teams are increasingly making the decision to outsource parts of the business function of responding to discovery requests. Right-sourced teams of eDiscovery professionals and contract attorneys supporting this function allow legal teams to rapidly scale and "go fast" when larger volumes of information are encountered... and do so under a fixed monthly budget.

DISCOVERY EXPERT WITNESS testimony and litigation strategy

Need to make your point with the opinion of an expert?  Our consultants are routinely retained to provide testimony, affidavits, declarations and documentation in support of client's discovery motion and hearing practice. We assist in the preparation or cross-examination of technology witness for depositions and testimony in eDiscovery hearings and cases. We have assisted legal teams in creating the record to challenge novel eDiscovery issues in appellate advocacy.


True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.
— Winston Churchill


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